Eurobonds recover after clarifications on debt
Highest increase in almost a month

Prices of Lebanese dollar-denominated Eurobonds have partially recovered after reassurances from top officials that debt restructuring is out of the question.
Eurobonds maturing in 2037 plummeted from $75.4 to $70.75 on Jan.11 following a press report on Jan. 9 about a possible debt restructuring. They were trading Monday at $72.25.
The 2025 issue of the Eurobonds partially recovered to $76 on Monday from $74.5 on Jan. 11. They had closed at $79.4 on Jan. 9. 
Bonds maturing in November 2019 closed at $96 on Jan. 9. They tumbled to $92 on Jan. 11, and rebounded to $94.25 on Monday.

Reported by Shikrallah Nakhoul
Source : Businessnews
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